Connecting for Success

Intellectual fitness is becoming as important as physical fitness

Julia Hobsbawm, founder and CEO of Editorial Intelligence, who was made the world's first Honorary Visiting Professor in Networking at London's Cass Business School, London, and in Business Networking at UCS, Suffolk developed our Connecting for Success programme which provides skills and practice in knowledge networking to corporations and individuals, driving performance and building capability..

Julia covers practical approaches to:

  • Managing your networks
  • Face to face networking.
  • Curating your knowledge

It is designed for any level, sector or discipline presuming the participant is keen to get a kick-start to their networking strategy.

Julia runs offsite workshops for individuals or can come into your company to run an in-house session.

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Participants will be able to share experiences challenges and insights with each other during the session and will leave with the confidence to apply their learning straight away.

There is no set level of seniority or sector that attendees must meet – we prefer a mixed economy of backgrounds and expertise.

“There is a growing awareness of the importance of soft skills, such as networking, to business.” Professor Cliff Oswick, Faculty of Management, Cass Business School, on Julia Hobsbawm’s appointment as Honorary Visiting Professor

“Since most business communication has migrated online, a static workforce has been created, one that is losing confidence, dynamism and the tangential benefits of real human contact.” Julia Hobsbawm, Founder, Editorial Intelligence and Honorary Visiting Professor in Networking at Cass Business School