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Our network is your network when you join Editorial Intelligence. We curate and hand-pick every audience for every event, from a salon supper for 10 to our Names Not Numbers and Comment Conference audiences of over 100.

We know how to create and build your network. Every member of the eiNetwork Club, Early Risers or Networking Nations gets 1:1 network-coaching time with our eiAmbassadors to make introductions to both people and ideas to help keep you smart and up to speed.

Mainly London-based, we also have pop-up events in Brussels, New York, we've even been to Mumbai. If you would like to bring our network to your city, just ask.


You can receive our suite of free electronic digests or you can apply to join the club which best suits you. There are 3 eidigests:

  • The daily eiDigest provides a snapshot of the sharpest opinions found in the UK national newspaper, online comment pages, weeklies and monthlies. It is a quick-to-read summary of the day's UK comment media direct to your inbox at 9.00am.
  • The monthly eiNetworkNews features news about our events - over 60 a year - but also interesting activities of our partners and the world of work, networks, and networking.
  • Finally, a new digest is coming in January 2017: The eiNetworkingNations digest which will feature snapshot intelligence about UK, European, US, and wider global government, policy, and comment reactions to the post Brexit, Post Trump climate (members of Networking Nations club receive their own additional private briefings).

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We never pass on your data to outsiders. What you get is access to smart people and smart ideas. Opportunities to make face-to-face connections with some of the biggest thinkers, talkers, opinion shapers in society today: Business, Culture, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Technology & Digital, Media, Policy, Science, International Affairs. People in Consultancy, Industry, Law, Recruitment, Government, Academia, Start-Ups, Social Enterprises.

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