Commentland: A Decade of UK Comment and Opinion – 2009-2019

To mark the ten years since the inception of The Comment Awards the founders Editorial Intelligence have commissioned over twenty razor-sharp contemporary essays about Comment itself.

Edited by Sophie Radice, the essays are thoughtful, thoughtprovoking and sometimes just provoking essays on the economy, identity, race, sex, business, free-speech, the environment and of course Brexit in an elegantly slim book published on Monday 18th March.

Contributors: Yasmin Alibhai- Brown • Jane Brien • Solomon Elliot Stephanie Flanders • Stephen Fleming • Clare Fox • Ed Gillespie • Julia Hobsbawm • Rachel Johnson • Dylan Jones • Deborah Mattinson • Adrian Monck • Peter Morgan • Sanjay Nazerali • Matt Peacock • Vicky Pryce • Justine Roberts • Anthony Seldon • Geraldine Sharpe-Newton • Gisela Stuart • Stephanie Theobald • Yanis Varoufakis

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