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Breakfast Briefing: Ubertrends with Michael Tchong
How trends and innovation are transforming our future

Date: Monday, 18 November 
Time: 8.15am for 8.30am Start – Ends 9.30am
Venue: The Loft, Ivy Club, 9 West St, London WC2H 9NE

Michael Tchong is a leading voice on innovation and the future of business. He is an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, a trend forecaster and author. He heads up incubator Ubercool Innovation, and is the founder of four successful startups. Michael is an energetic and passionate speaker, having spoken at more than 500 global gatherings, providing audiences with remarkable insights into consumer and business lifestyles, social media, technology and digital marketing trends.
He will be introducing his third and latest book, “Ubertrends — How Trends and Innovation Are Transforming Our Future", revealing how the massive waves he calls “ubertrends” are reshaping society. Michael provides a compelling insight into the eight ubertrends that are transforming our society in profound ways, with consequences that ripple across all our lives.
Michael’s incisive talks showcase innovative brands, products and services that leverage ubertrends to alter the competitive landscape. Michael inspires and motivates attendees by challenging their creativity and inventiveness. His informative yet entertaining style fuses the emotional and rational brain, helping to foster a new culture of innovation.

Michael’s ability to decode the future led the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph to label him “America’s most influential trend spotter.” He has appeared in numerous publications and television shows, including Bloomberg TV, CNET, CNN, The New York Times, PBS, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Wired.

Breakfast Briefing: Westminster 2020
- what to expect from the next year of politics

Date: Tuesday, 19 November 
Time: 8.15am for 8.30am Start – Ends 9.30am
Venue: The Loft, Ivy Club, 9 West St, London WC2H 9NE

Are we facing another referendum?

Which domestic policy initiatives will be prioritised and which will be abandoned?

Will parliament finally have a ruling party with a strong working majority or are we facing more deadlock?
The past 2 years in Westminster have been consumed by Brexit. Political parties have splintered, a Prime Minister has resigned and political discourse has disintegrated. The trend of polarisation continues as people embed ever deeper into their political camps while awaiting the inevitable General Election.
Yet thanks largely to social action and protest Brexit has not been the only thing on the agenda. Concerns over climate change led to thousands of activists occupying London’s streets in protest, forcing parties to firm up their commitments on tackling the issue. Northern Ireland’s abortion laws have been challenged and Seni’s Law has received Royal Assent.

As we enter 2020 what can we expect? A panel of experts, brought together by Hanson Search and chaired by PoliticsHome’s news editor Matt Foster, will discuss what they predict will be the top challenges and opportunities for the government taking us into the next decade. 


* THOUGHT FOR THE DAY BREAKFASTS: Our ‘TFD’ breakfasts take place informally every 6 to 8 weeks in our partner venues where there is a mix of our network guests and interesting people from our wider network. Listen to some new perspectives and get involved as the conversation opens up to the room. 
* PARTNER ‘THINKER’ EVENTS: Through our affiliate partners which include The Ivy Club, we offer exclusive gratis places on a first-come-first-serve basis to our members every month. There are over 25 such events a year. Our members also get membership of The Media Society worth £30 so you will receive member rates on all their events. 
* CONTENT CURATION: Free books or magazine from our publishing partners are available to pick up at our events. 
* eiKNOWLEDGE DASHBOARD: Our customised member newsletter detailing the best of what to read, see, who is in town and what to have on your radar.
* BRING A FRIEND & TOP-UP SALON BREAKFASTS: We appreciate that many of our members like to share event experiences with friends, family, clients and colleagues so we’ll make our best effort to accommodate your guest at any of our Thought for the Day breakfasts (first-come-first-serve). You can also pay to attend small breakfasts hosted by a Member Ambassador with an interesting speaker. 
* SUMMER DRINKS: Always a fun-filled occasion with guests from across our entire network. 

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* We will not email you more than twice a month directly as a rule (with potential exceptions around essential event communication).
* We will publish your social media handles on programmes and unless you state otherwise, take your attendance at an ei event as permission to take and publish photographs and footage taken in the event spaces.
* All event sign-ups are on a first-come-first-served basis - some events have very limited capacity so please book early to avoid disappointment.
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