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Keep your networks and connections and ideas as fit and healthy as you keep your mind and body - by joining the eiClub. Think of us as your personal knowledge network trainer.

Our network is your network when you join Editorial Intelligence. We curate and hand-pick every audience for every event, from a salon supper for 10 to our Names Not Numbers and Comment Conference audiences of over 100.

For 2020 we're offering the chance to become part of an all-access eiClub that will allow you to attend speaker-led 'Thought for the Day' breakfasts, partner events, as well as receiving our Knowledge Dashboard and benefiting from our publishing connection.

eiClub helps you create and build your personal and professional network. We don't do this with algorithms but with real people, face-to-face, and real human intelligence.

Mainly London-based, we also have occasional pop-up events in Europe and beyond. If you would like to bring our network to your city, just ask

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