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Social Capital Matters. Editorial Intelligence believes in the power of networks to drive up social capital and enhance social mobility and equality.

The Social Capital Network is a way to connect brilliant individuals from BAME backgrounds with individuals across our extensive network spanning business, culture, digital, academic, politics and public life in the UK. Our programme provides onboarding, coaching, mentoring and matching as well as helps build a fresh network from each cohort we create. Google, The Civil Society Policy Unit at Number 10 Downing Street are supporting our current cohort. To find out more about how you can support a scholar, contact sophie@editorialintelligence.com

We can also provide diversity and inclusion consulting to help corporate clients recruit from the BAME community and develop their strategies from directly within it. To find out more contact sophie@editorialintelligence.com.

What eiScholars say about the ei network:

Dami Fajobi is a young social entrepreneur and businessman working in the tech sector. He currently heads client services at Slenky, a digital platform connecting young people with opportunities related to their passions and interests.

"The Scholarship has given me an incredible opportunity to socialise with people from completely different circles to mine. This has afforded the equally valuble opportunity to build  knowledge of new spaces and people, whilst highlighting shared values and confirming the value of my own opinions and experiences within these groups. My current role is a direct result of the scholarship, as I met the CEO of Slenky- my current boss- at an event that I'd been invited to as part of the programme"

Mayur Gupta is a businessman and a social entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO at Career Accelerator

"I met Patricia Hamzahee at an ei event. I asked Patricia to be my mentor at a live crowdfunding event I was pitching at to launch my social enterprise. She agreed and was the first person ever to provide financial support to my organistaion. As a result of this I was able to set up my social enterprise and two years later my business works with over 100 students across nine schools and over 20 tech firms including Vodafone, LinkedIn and Just Eat. None of this would have happened without the opportunities ei gave me. Oh, and I've also become a voracious reader and I would attribute this to all interesting thinkers I met through ei."

Shaniqua Benjamin is a writer, poet and founding director of Young People Insight.

"Being a member of ei gave me the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people in enviroments someone like me would never usually be in. I've been able to develop some good relationships, especially with my fellow scholars, who I'm very glad to have met and spent time with. I also loved having the chance to share my peotry at ei's Names Not Numbers. Ei were the first people to pay me for my peotry and that was a real confidence boast."

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